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Smelly kale?

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Posted by Mike696 on 3 years ago


I just started my reboot on day 4 and it's working. My question is about Kale. Is it supposed to stink real bad. I bought 2 big bags of triple washed cut up kale from Costco and I nearly pass out everytime I open my fridge. It doesn't expire for 3 more days

I noticed this smell in my car on the way home but I thought it was my buddy crop dusting me.

My wife noticed the smell as well. Is this normal for Kale?

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  • Zootal

    3 years ago

    I'm sorry no one answered sooner, I just now found your question.

    If the kale smells bad, THROW IT AWAY. Fresh Kale does not smell bad, and bagged Kale should not smell bad either. If it smells bad, it is rotting and should not be used. I used to buy brocolli from Costco but had a lot of problems with the bags going bad on the shelf. You get it home and open it and it stinks. Same with Kale. If there is any offensive odor at all, throw it away!

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