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Seriously Struggling

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Posted by IthacaRebooter on 11 months ago

Hi - When do the hunger pangs go away?! I need to lose 80 pounds. Consulted with my doctor on a 60 day reboot and got the go ahead. Im on day 25 and been following the 30 Day Classic reboot. The hunger pangs the first night were almost unbearable, I have never felt that hungry in my life and couldn't sleep. Then they went away but now they are back the last 7 days. I am irritable, lethargic and feel starving almost constantly. I lost 20 pounds the first 2 weeks and the last week only lost 1 pound. Then gained 2, then lost 1. I do have hypothyroidism but am on medication. Am I doing something wrong? I'm following the plan and increased my juices from 5 (in the plan) to 6 a day. I feel like I have to increase it to stave off the hunger pangs but its not really working and now Ive seriously slowed losing the weight. I also do the elliptical at least 30 minutes a day because I'm sedentary when working. I'm losing confidence. Any suggestions?

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