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Scared about Losing "the girls"

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Posted by Erika D on 5 years ago

I know it's stupid, but I'm really scared "my girls" will be less girly, and my figure will turn into a mess of loose skin and hanging bits. Anyone else fear this? I know I can always turn to plastic surgery if it really got bad, but it's something I legitimately fear. I'm 34, 290 and have been overweight all my life, so I'm sure my skin is as stretched as can be.

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  • Art_Adams

    5 years ago

    obviously a question for the woman folk, but some of us men here are looking for that result! :)

  • shoman

    5 years ago

    I understand your concern and you might find that since you've always been heavy, you don't have as much of a problem with it. I'm a guy but I've gained and lost large amounts of weight many many times and I think that does more for sag than losing it once and keeping it off.. Also you are still relatively young and so you're body can help repair itself. I'm sure once you lose weight there will be some changes but I bet if you keep it off you'll notice your body slowly takes up some of the sag.

    I'm betting also that you enjoy feeling so much better that it won't matter. Drink lots of water and exercise as much as possible. That will help.

    You and the girls will do great!

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