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Same Juice Every Day??

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Posted by Lizzy on 11 months ago

Hi All!

I'm on day 7 of my juice fast. For the past 7 days, I mainly just like the mean green juice. That is all I seem to want/crave. So my question is this: Is it okay to only drink the same juice every day? I'm not branching out at all. Once in awhile I will do 8-16oz of fresh orange juice. Just wondering if its healthy to only drink mean green all the time with no other veggies/fruit? Thank you in advance for your opinions and insight!

Everyday I drink:


-green apples






-ginger + tumeric root

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  • Soose

    11 months ago


    By varying your ingredients, not only do you increase your nutrient possibilities, you might learn what you're actually craving in the mean green recipe. Maybe you're craving the ginger or the lemon? I mean, if you make the new version with a slight variation and it just does NOT get it for you, what did you leave out that time? Just a suggestion. If you find out what you're craving, then you could look for other juices to make that have that in them or find that in other forms (like Zeke's "ginger shot" or my ginger ale).

    I do pay attention to the types of cravings you're talking about. I suggest there is something in there you really NEED. And it's maybe not the whole juice exactly in the recipe, but a part of it...

    This is why I say that: There was one year, more than a decade ago, I was craving red bell peppers this way. I would find myself drawn to them in the stores. It's like even though they were expensive I could not get enough of them. I had not been in the habit of buying or eating them all my life; we only had green bell peppers... probably hadn't seen one for most of my life! So it was odd that I ate one and then had this never ending craving for them. I would find myself drawn to their color in the grocery stores! I just really really wanted to buy them. Strangely. I am serious. Another friend had a daughter who also could eat these every day. I remember talking with her thru the year... because they were very expensive to us at the time.

    Then, after a year or more, my family started trying out green smoothies. Within maybe three weeks, I realized my cravings for red bell peppers had gone away. Totally. Whatever debit I had, my body was getting in the green spinach smoothies now ( our basic recipe we started with was just spinach or sometimes spring salad mix, my best source of organic greens at the time, plus a frozen banana pineapple, lime juice, mango ) was being satisfied and I didn't NEED red bell peppers anymore. I didn't NEED red bell peppers again for many years. I'd eat them but was not craving them like that.

    Lately I realized I've been craving red beets this way. Red bell peppers are a second option; not quite as tempting. Red tomatoes, well, if they're red enough, might be a bit tempting. I don't want my carrot juice without beets included. I mean it's okay. But I made a special trip to the store today because they were out of red beets Friday and today they were out so I stopped in at a more expensive store and splurged on some nice red beets. Something in my body craves them. As I write this, I am really looking forward to my carrot/beet juice in the morning and now I'm kind of craving a juice made with tomatoes and red bell peppers -- the juice more so that putting these on my salad. It would just feel so good going down!

    This is diff from the types of cravings we get for unhealthy foods. I believe in listening to my body for these type cravings.I remember the green smoothie author said her son craved mangoes I think it was. For a week or so (? don't remember) she bought more and more mangoes for him; a whole box one day! One day, he was done with mangoes. There was something in there he needed. Much later she writes she found out something in the mangoes was good for his medical condition. And cantelopes which her daughter had craved were good for her condition, too. ( I think I've got that right.)

  • Soose

    11 months ago

    Hi, Lizzy.

    As far as what people actually DO, I have heard at least one person here say they always drink one juice. I've heard someone say they only drink green juices. I've heard someone else say they can't drink green juices, they gag. lol Can't remember who for any of that... I've also heard some say they drink one juice thru the week (like mean green) for simplicity, and a second juice, carrot based, on the weekend, due to working. Lots of diff styles and tastes.

    Maybe the need to vary depends on how long you're going to fast with juice only. Short term, not varying stuff is one thing. Long term...

    Better post on "Ask the nutritionist" section and get the official word or recommendation, with limitations.

    Meanwhile, can you at least vary the greens in the Mean Green recipe? Branch out a bit? Chard, like kale, is pretty mild. (I'd never tried it before juicing.) Romaine lettuce is great nutritionally and also mild.

    I remember when we were first drinking green smoothies reading why one should rotate greens. (But some people here do not; sometimes it's taste issues or preferences but some people don't have access to the variety of greens others do.) Google "same greens every day" and you'll find discussions of the benefits of varying at least the green parts.

    Do you like green beans? You could add green beans to your mean green. How about kiwi's and pears?

    You might also vary the variety of apples in your mean green, or pears for apples. You might try zucchini for cucumbers. (There's a list of veg/fruit to substitute, in Joe's book and on the site, I'm sure.) Watermelon rind is very like cucumbers, and a different green in the outside of the rind, diff nutrients. (I remove the red fruit to reduce sugar, or much of it.) You might try to split half apples with half another fruit.

    Unless I'm misunderstanding you about craving/wanting this particular recipe, read below. (And ignore if I am mishearing you.)

  • Soose

    11 months ago

    These posts are posting backwards up the page. Cravings is the second post.

  • Lizzy

    11 months ago

    Thank you for all the advice and info, Soose! Also, I will post in the 'ask a dietitian' section as you recommended! :)

  • Claire Georgiou - ND

    10 months ago

    Hello Lizzy,

    Well done on your juicing so far!

    We do strongly recommend eating and juicing or juice juicing a variety of colour to gain the most nutrients from the plan! Each colour in the fruit and vegetable kingdom offers an array of naturally occuring compounds, nutrients and antioxidants, make 50-70% of your juices green and the other juices red, orange, yellow or purple is the best way to gain the most benefits! I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any further questions!

  • Soose

    11 months ago

    You're welcome, Lizzy. I think you are trying to post a duplicate in the "ask the nutritionist" but I think it's coming back to Group Reboots instead. I see the same post again in Group Reboots section.

    See if there's a selection box for which group area when you post -- select Ask Nutritionist before you hit the send or post box -- and try again. I've gotten caught that way before. Thought I was posting in one area and it kept repeating back in Group Reboots instead of the new area I was trying to get to. Hope that makes sense.

  • Onewiththeforce

    11 months ago

    You could try doing what I do, most of the time I will make apples and carrots the base and add different produce to it to mix it up. And it still looks green when I add green to it such as kale.

  • Soose

    10 months ago

    [ Well, that's very weird. This whole thread used to be in Group Reboots and is now on 9/24/18 in the Ask the Nutritionist section. (I know because Lizzy was trying to post in Ask but got it in Group Reboots at the time. I was watching.) Maybe the location of a thread can be changed by staff. Maybe it's part of the glitches we've been seeing the past few weeks, like posting replies out of order. ]

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