Running on a juice fast


Posted by Talietje on 1 year ago


I was wondering if It's ok to run (7 miles) on a juice fast?

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  • Zootal

    1 year ago

    If you have the stamina to do so. While on a reboot/fast, we don't consume enough carbs to keep us fueled (which is why we burn fat), and we don't always have the stamina to do things like this. Give it a shot and see how you do. You might find you fade out after a mile or so.

    I like to bicycle, and 15-20 miles a shot is not unusual for me. But while on a reboot, I can't go for more than maybe 5 miles, just don't have the stamina.

  • KyleChristy

    1 year ago

    I know it isnt the same as running, but I average 5-7 miles per day walking while juicing.

  • MightyMo

    6 months ago

    I'm starting the reboot and am a runner. I'd be curious as to how you're doing with it?

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