Retaining water HELP!


Posted by KrazyGirly on 1 year ago

Hello all!! I recently started getting my mother to juice. I make us both a juice for lunch everyday. She has some medical conditions but one in particular interferes in her juicing experience. She loves the sweet juices (which who doesn't?) She is also on a budget as well, so we stock up on, Carrots ( which is the main ingredient), Apples, lemons, oranges, and ginger. I throw in one stock of Celery in hers as well so she can have at least one green. As you may know, Fruit contain a lot of natural sugars, which for someone who retains water, that can be a nightmare. Can anyone suggest a good cheap drink that at least have some sweetness to it, that she can drink that wont interfere so much with her retaining? Any tips are so much appreciated! HAPPY JUICING!

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  • BP2010

    1 year ago

    Look for a juice recipe that has banana and leafy greens. I had a smoothie before that had banana, mango, swiss chard, and a few other ingredients I can't remember (not on this site). Bananas are a rich source of potassium and Vit B6, and leafy greens are a rich source of magnesium, all of which will help your body release excess water, but also try cutting back on salty foods and caffeine and increase water intake. Being well hydrated can help your body release excess water and salts. Hope that helps! Good for you and your mom!

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