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Posted by yukon_wn on 6 years ago For whatever reason, I could not reply to this post on the original one. Original Post: I?m planning on doing a reboot. I?m from the Philippines. Is there anybody from here who tried doing this. I need help preparing my menu because some of the given ingredients is not available here. Really need help. My reply to the original post: Magandang umaga( Good morning ). This really should be a very easy place to do a reboot from. Always fresh produce available. I didn't do a juicing from the Philippines, although I lived there for two years. For the 'Mean Green' juice - Ginger, apples, celery, cucumbers, kale and lemon. If you are in the Manila area, then you should be able to get celery and apples that comes from Baguio. If not lemons, then use calamansi. Kale: If you can't get the kale, substitute other greens. e.g. Kang kong. Ingat ka ( Take care ) Have fun juicing with different veggies and fruits.......

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