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Posted by DonnaLouWho on 4 months ago

Hi, I'm gearing myself up and learning what I need to do cause I want to do a 3-5 day reboot juicing in beginning of July...i ordered my Breville can't wait. I already eat very healthy, I'm total vegan no meats cheese dairy or eggs since Spring of 2016 and feel great just want to juice to take it one step further see if I can get cholesterol down just a little bit more.

My Question is the recipe guidelines in the 3 day reboot booklet I got a lot of them are kale cause I know a lot of people like it but I've never been a fan of it. I would be able to substitute spinach for the kale in the green juices...right? That's what I'm planning I think spinach is equally as healthy for your body as kale ....I think.

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  • Zootal

    4 months ago

    Spinach makes a good substitute for kale, and tastes much better. Collards work, but they are a bit strong tasting. A zucchini works very well. Lettuce works and is rather sweet. I pretty much replace kale with anything green, it's not carved in granite - use what you like, as far as I'm concerned any green leaf will work :)

  • DonnaLouWho

    4 months ago

    Thanks...that's what I was thinking. But I never thought about zucchini or lettuce. Yummmm! Thanks for the tips.

  • Rebecka

    3 months ago

    I was looking for this too, thank you zootal!
    I'm really not a fan of kale, + it's hard to find in Finland. Spinach on the other hand... yum!

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