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Posted by skatemum on 5 years ago

Hi all

Found the tracker part of my profile and it lists badges. What is a badge & what are they for?

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  • Chris

    5 years ago

    Hi Angela,

    Badges are just simple/fun rewards for completing different goals within the Reboot Tracker as you progress through your Reboot. You can share them with your friends etc. when you are awarded them.

    I got my first badge yesterday for starting and filling out my first day of my Reboot :-)

    Chris @ Team Reboot

  • skatemum

    5 years ago

    Hi Chris

    Thanks for the info. As I am on day 53 is there any point for me to complete the Tracker? I am planning to keep juicing for about another 2 weeks only


  • LeeAnn

    5 years ago

    Wow, Angela, thats awesome. I start my reboot in a few days. I want to do only juices. But when I went to the section Plans, they include salads and other "chewable" stuff- It looks like the grocery list includes all these also. How did you get started. I am finishing a 14day Master Cleanse and going onto juices.

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