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Reboot Honeymoon

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Posted by Myann on 3 years ago

Hi all!

Not new to juicing, but it has been several years since I've been raw/juicer. I'm recently married and the wife and I are going into a 10-day reboot as a honeymoon! We're weird, yes. But, we both haven't been feeling optimum, and the wedding photos...oi! Need to lose those ten pounds that the "camera" put on! Today is transition day #3 which means we start the reboot tomorrow. Thankfully, I won't be starting my new job until August, so this is the perfect break for my body, mind, and what's left of my soul ;)

If anyone has questions about why we're choosing this over some expensive getaway, it's not about the money. We could definitely go somewhere cool, but what comes with cruises and tours is the rich foods and nutrient-dead treats -- to say nothing of the neurotoxins in alcohol. Nope, we have a juicer and each other's glowing health as investments toward a grand partnership and life journey together!

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