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Posted by Kathryn E on 3 years ago

Juice fasting is not a quick fix or a fad diet. It is a doorway to a lifestyle change. I highly advise you to check out all the food documentaries that you can while you are fasting and prepare yourself for when you end the fast. Prepare some menus for your self and research how to break the fast so you will do so correctly and easily. If you keep eating the foods that made you overweight in the first place, then you will gain all the weight back. Use the self-discipline that you develop during the juice fast to keep yourself on track in your new diet. Here are the names of some of the documentaries that changed my life:

Forks over knives


Food Inc.



Hungry For Change

-Seek knowledge and be excellent!

Here are links to some of the videos I have made for you on GFveganlife to help you get started:

Is Juice Fasting Right For Me?


Green Juice Shopping List:

Willpower to juice:

Mia’s First Day Ever Juice Fasting:

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