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"Reboot" without the strict diet

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Posted by ChristianH on 5 months ago

I did a juice reboot last year followed by a period of healty eating. Then this January I kicked off what would be my reboot to cure my Chronic urticaria.

I'm 180 cm / 6 feet and weighted 73 kg / 160 lbs

After 2 weeks I had lost 8 kg / 17 lbs. 1,5 kg / 3 lbs of that was muscles. After 4 weeks I was down a total of 2 kg / 4 lbs of muscle mass.

I had stopped producing red blood cells due to insufficient B12 levels and had a generel lack of minerals and vitamins. My energy level was at a minimum.

I drank both juice, protein shake and smootie in this period wich was planned to go on for another 6-7 months with salads added to the equation.

After 1 month I added oil, multivitamins, salads, nuts, seeds eggs and fish to my diet. My question is;

Can I manage a reboot of the immune system while eating the above mentioned things or does it require just a pure raw vegan diet, because I don't think I will survive 6 months of that.



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