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Posted by Summerland on 5 years ago

I am a size 28, 300 poundish (haven't been on a scale in over a year) woman.. 39 years old. I watched Forks Over Knives and Fat Sick, Nearly Dead. I've been working for years on the emotional aspects of my eating disorder, and now I am ready to address the physical ones. I've moved through the anger at being victimized by the food industry and am ready to take a proactive approach to undoing the harm I have carelessly and unwittingly done to my body. I have tenacity and am committed to rebooting. I've ordered Joe's Book as well as the Juicing Bible. I've applied all my savings toward obtaining health insurance, a juicer and have converted my kitchen to primarily whole foods. I'm in the process of obtaining a new primary doctor and going through a series of tests to establish my current state of health. I suspect I have high blood pressure, onset of diabetes and auto-immune disorders.

Is there anyone out there with advice or guidance for me? I need friends. I need community and support. This is SO much information at once and I am feeling overwhelmed. :(

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  • valiantjuice

    5 years ago

    Welcome aboard, Summerland. That is the great thing about this website is the support from those of us dealing with the same stuff. Take one day at a time. The more we say yes to the right choices, the more we begin to transform. You can do this!

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