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Raw egg in juice

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Posted by LuRae on 1 year ago

I raise my own organic layers so have a good dozen eggs a day, needless to say my plan was to give lots of beautiful Dark Bronze eggs away for 60 days but was hoping that I might be able to add an egg to my juice for the added protein. Pretty sure I know the answer but need to ask the experts! I do make a paleo raw egg nog (3 eggs, 1 C. non dairy milk, maple syrup and vanilla) but realize that this drink will be out during my reboot. Thanks ahead of time! Lu

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  • Claire Georgiou - ND

    1 year ago

    Dear LuRae,

    You can do this as a protein source since they are there, if you are not experiencing the results you'd expect to see then transitioning to a plant based protein powder could be helpful!

    This is a plant based plan that is 100% produce only but after 15days or even right at the beginning you can add a type of protein to help maintain muscle health and to assist in blood sugar control.

    We dont recommend sweeteners or non-dairy milks during the reboot.

  • LuRae

    1 year ago

    Thank you, I'll try adding one egg a day and if I'm not seeing the results I'd like then I'll switch. My last 60 day reboot I did see quit a bit of muscle tone loss so thought adding the egg might make a difference this time around.

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