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Ask the Nutritionist

Posted by Donna on 5 months ago

Hubby and I have been on our first juice only reboot for 9 days....he's lost 13 lbs and I have lost 9. Not to waste pulp we have been following the recipe for the broth...however, we have found that not straining it makes a great SOUP. Is it OK to consume as is or blend? Areven we breaking the reboot? it has a wonderful taste with just a touch of seasoning, black pepper or hot sauce....and so satisfying.

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  • Claire Georgiou - ND

    4 months ago

    Hello Donna,

    On the Reboot only cleanse we recommend straining the pulp out to stick to the liquid only suggestions but in saying this if the pulp is working for you in the broth and you are doing well then continue on with this. There are no hard and fast rules, you can always modify the rules alittle to make it doable and more enjoyable if you wish!

    Joe and Phil and many others only consumed liquid to help the appetite turn off while others may choose to include some fibre. Let me know if there are anymore questions!

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