Post-juice fast weight loss expectations.


Posted by aitchbomb on 5 years ago

Today is day 50. I have lost 50 lbs, 6 inches off my waist and my BP is down by 32 points. I am going to be re-introducing solid foods as i am now exercising a lot more and need the calories. What can I expect in terms of weight loss? In FS&ND, Joe went 60 days and then another 90 on veg, fruit, nuts and seeds, but i didn't catch how much more weight he lost. Any ideas?



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  • Danmcn61

    5 years ago

    Congratulations! 50 days is a major league achievement. All I can tell you is, go slowly. Your stomach has actually shrunk in the past fifty days, and your capacity for food is much less than before. It's going to take a lot less solid food to fill you up, so be prepared for that. I was basically a vegan for the first month after my 60-day reboot. No meat or dairy, and lots of salads, nuts & seeds, steamed vegetables, etc...with a little oatmeal or rice once in a while. My weight did go up about ten pounds during the first month, but my bodyfat stayed the same, so nothing to worry about. Take in some coconut oil during the day too. Once your system is back to normal you can integrate animal products if you wish..

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