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Please forward to Joe

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Posted by 30-Day-Challenge on 2 years ago

Hello! I am sorry to post this to the nutrition thread, but I am just looking to give Joe Cross a great big thank you. I am so inspired by his weight loss and because of this, I finished a 7 day fast and am continuing with a mostly vegan diet. Not perfect, but no more binging night and day on sugar and processed food. Although I am not weighing myself yet, I see some weight loss thus far.

The next step I plan on adding is more water and exercise.

I was also hoping to share some recipes, but I am pretty sure I can do that on the forum. I guess it never hurts to share new recipes!

So, thank you, Joe Cross! I found your series, Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead just awesome. Watched them at least a few times.

Congrats on your 30 day fast. I give you kudos for doing this, it isn't easy! I was aiming for 30 days and after 7 I just reached my limit.

When I get to my goal weight, I will send you before and after pictures!

Cheers, Mate!

Wendy Huffman

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  • Or Maman

    2 years ago

    How wonderful of you to do a great shout out like this.

  • Gillc1971

    2 years ago

    I think you hit the nail on the head!! My husband and I watched both documentaries last year and had spoken on and off about them for some time. Finally, 8 days ago we decided to start a 30-day reboot. We are doing okay so far as we are following the diet plan as suggested in the book. We are enjoying everything so far!

    Just as you say, Joe is an inspiration to so many of us!

    Good luck with your new diet plan!

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