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pelvic/back pain/gland pain so bad had to leave work

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Posted by mrs dalloway on 4 years ago


Greetings from sunny london. I am on my third day of a wind down to a complete fast. I have had no caffeine for 3 days (head thumping) & juiced 80%.

Last night i couldnt find any comfortable position. I have severe pain in my pelvic area, front and back, back pain, pain in my hips and running down my legs. The glands in my armpits hurt like hell, and my hands/fingers ache like anything.

My pelvic area is the sight of historical & ongoing medical issues....endometriosis/ full hysterectomy/ ongoing pain....which mean i can only work 2 days...but this is worse than it has been....and seems to be spreading out

I have no interest in going backwards, and would appreciate any insight into whats happening to my body to cause this pain/ how i can make it more tolerable

To have to leave work mid shift is a big deal.....

In anticipation, kind thanks

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