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Posted by Dos_Centavos on 3 years ago

Maslow's law of the instrument states, it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.

After walking through the site and forum, it's easy to see that this is seemingly the prime example of this exact thing.

But where are you before you start your reboot?

Where are you during?

And where do you go after?

As a lot of us have taken many paths, it's easy to see that all personal successes are the predecessors to many attempts and failures.

So, ya might as well kick off your shoes, grab a comfy seat and find support in some commonalities instead of wandering through a house of hammers.

Maybe we can see if we can continue to succeed, together.

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  • Dos_Centavos

    3 years ago

    I am going to start off with a little about me.

    As a child, I was raised under the Canadian Food Guidelines by a mother who was a dietary technician. My mother is an incredible cook and managed through some pretty lean times to always provide a well balanced meal.

    In my years of finding my own way through life, I have tried to carry a lot of this information with me, not so much keeping count of the calories and content, but more so the balance of foods. Making most meals at home, finding the right ingredients, always having some fruits and vegetables throughout the day, complete with essential proteins and dairy.

    This really goes back to a simpler time, when a lot of what we bought was at the time what would be considered organic today, grain fed beef and pork, free range chickens. My mother grew up on a farm that my uncle took over and we continued to be fed by these natural products.

    Well, long after that and long on my own, it would seem that not only have I strayed away from this path, but that the path no longer leads to the same place. The changes in quality of foods make it so that where we could find nutrition, we now find emptiness. What is more affordable now, is what is convenient, but not what will actually help the body in its designed function.

    So, here I am today, albeit a few miles into a new path, a new journey and working with as many tools as I can.

  • Dos_Centavos

    3 years ago

    For the last couple of decades, even in keeping in the best practices, I have found satiety in convenience. Imbibed by leisure. Enjoyed my indulgence.

    And, built a lot of really bad habits.

    Over the course of time my body, for the abuse it has taken, has decided to rebel.

    For the last 5 years, I have suffered from pain so bad that it has put me in the hospital. This has been coupled with weakness, IBS, dizziness, brain fog, and daily vomiting coupled with diarrhea. After a couple of years of this, it was followed by, while still including all previously listed, excruciating heartburn, increased pain and obesity.

    It really gets hard to continue on, when your everyday offers a buffet of suffering.

    Like Joe, I decided it was time for a change!

  • Dos_Centavos

    3 years ago

    In just over 1 year ago, I bought a new belt.

    Even taking my weight gain into consideration, I bought a belt that was too small. I couldn't, without seeing sparkles, get that thing to the first notch.

    It was embarrassment that kept me from returning it.

    Running through the scenario in my head, standing at the cashier with them asking the question, "Why are you returning this item?"

    And me not wanting to say, because I am too fat!

    Today, this same belt only has one hole left in it before it will be too large for me to wear. This same belt, to perform its functionality,needs to be done up to a point where it bunches my pants making suspenders seem a better option.

    Today, I weigh less than I have in the last decade and have the tools to see that by the New Year, I will need to buy another new belt.

  • Dos_Centavos

    3 years ago

    Always a little self conscious about my body, I was introduced to a natural and even a juice diet some 20ish years ago.

    When my youngest boy was in play-school, my wife was befriended by one of those All Natural type people. All Organics. No Meats.

    Back then, and even now, my finances are/were better allocated to paying the bills and trying to keep a few bucks in the bank for a rainy day than shop at Organic Prices, but we gave'r a whirl.

    Tofu Hotdogs, vegetarian dishes, organic juices, a lot of stuff today, where if I found it on the bottom of my shoe, would still throw out the pair!

    The juicing thing, a colossal fail!

    My wife bought me my first juicer and in about $30 worth of produce, managed to squeeze out about a half cup of the most fowl tasting nectar that I have yet managed to duplicate. I was sure this brownish tinted water could remove the oil stains from the drive easier than was to provide sufficient nutrition for an hour, never mind 30 days worth of day-to-day.

    Even just talking about it, I am reliving the feeling by rubbing my tongue on my teeth.

  • Dos_Centavos

    3 years ago

    Before moving too far along I should mention, and it may piss some of you off, tonight I sat down to a AAA, Alberta Beef, Prime Rib Steak, Grilled to Absolute Medium Rare PERFECTION, with a side of Asparagus.

    This, is my light at the end of the tunnel.

    This, was my celebration of the lowest weight in over 10 years.

    This, at the end of 15 days of both modified, but primarily, Raw, Natural Juiced fruit and vegetables.

    And all I have to say about it, it was Fucking Delicious!

  • Dos_Centavos

    3 years ago

    My last week in review.

    Over the last week, I started to become a little hyper-conscious of what others were eating while I stayed the course of Juice, with the week prior as I weened myself off food and entered into the realm of Raw Juice only, not seemingly being as dramatic.

    I watched as my family ate pizza, burgers, alfredo and bologese.

    There were few nights when the barbeque didn't have an offering of grandeur.

    This previous Wednesday, a traditional Whopper Wednesday was called at the office where the only non-participant was me. I was the one who initiated the office weekly lunch special, typically partaking of 3 of them delicious burgers following the night with myself and the wife picking up 15-20 at the drive thru.

    Yeah, 15-20 whoppers is what I said.

    Your current expression is probably close to the one we never saw as they questioned my order through the staticky intercom.

    Even after a triple whopper lunch, 3 for dinner, I always wanted to have a few for the next day. Typically speaking, I would consume my 3 pack on a Thursday before lunch and still be looking for a snack before my trek home.

    It's been a few months since the office pulled a Whopper Wednesday, even longer since I've done the same with the family, but even though I could rationalize affording myself a little treat, a single burger, a taste of heaven, I stayed my course.

    Instead of buckling throughout the week, tonight, I celebrate my 15 days of success!

  • Dos_Centavos

    3 years ago

    Jumping back a little.

    My Grandfather died about 21 years ago at the age of 93.

    He was a meat n potatoes kinda guy, might have even been the one to inspire some of my greatest potato mountain fests.

    He used to tell me about his days in the army and his days after. He was one of the solders who stormed Normandy (He is still and will always be my hero on Remembrance Day, November 11) , something I never knew until the last few years of his life. The tough old bastard worked until he was 87 as a Custodian in a Church, and even at this was forced to stop working because he legally wasn't allowed.

    He used to tell me about how lean times lead to sometimes only having a potato sandwich for work. It was one of the things that stuck with me, but not to the point where I've ever tried the same. He had a strong work ethic, that too stuck with me and was fed a diet dictated by my Baba of 3 meals per day, lunch being light and always accompanied with Tea and followed by a cookie or home made preserves, all meals including a balance of meat, vegetables and some grains.

  • Dos_Centavos

    3 years ago

    Now, we may have all stumbled on the Netflix fever of Fat Sick and Nearly Dead and in this, may have seen some of the other spinful delights, slamming the food industry and the governments role in dictating a balanced diet of dairy, grains, vegetables and meat. We can even look to the Nutritionists here whose "JOB" it is to help people be healthier, but should we really be discounting the others who lived long lives under the guise of balanced nutrition, like my gramps?

    We can.

    It is our free right to choose where we land in this life.

    But, before you nail me to the cross over mentioning food and my meal tonight, go through the Members of this site. If you are inclined, only look at the people in the nearest 100 miles to your proximity.

    Compare that to the wall of success.

    And deduce the amount of those who never made it past day 1 of their Reboot.

  • Dos_Centavos

    3 years ago

    If you are still here, still reading and aren't inclined to be inflammatory...

    Join in, in spirit of your inner Joe. With the commitment of continuing on your new lifestyle, assisting others and learning to keep on the path that has been afforded by those who have completed their journey and in the spirit of those who are only looking to begin and chime in by sounding your Grandest, Walt Whitman, Barbaric Yawp!

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