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Overloading on vitamin A from carrots

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Posted by Hotmail on 5 years ago

Hi, I am adding a lot of carrots to my juice, usually at least half of my juice serving is made of carrots or two thirds and the rest is greens or any other colour of the rainbow, so on a daily basis I've been using 2 to 5lbs carrots. I am aware of the possibility of turning a bit orange, but could one overload on vitamin A or beta carotene from carrots?

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  • Jennifer

    5 years ago

    You can start to turn orange :) I used the recipes in Joe's juice diet book and the 101 recipe book...changing them at times too. You want to be having green, orange and red juices daily (the recipes for those do contain other colours). Maybe change from carrots to other orange fruit and veg to give some more variety.

  • Hotmail

    5 years ago

    I did some research and it seems the answer to my question is yes, one can overload on vitamin A from carrots.

  • Claire Georgiou - ND

    5 years ago

    You will only turn orange but this is harmless. The body will only convert the carotenoids to vitamin A that it needs. No toxicity will occur. I would suggest reducing this level of carrot consumption down and increase you intake of other colours particularly green as suggested in the plans. Please let me know if you have any further questions!

  • Danmcn61

    5 years ago

    2 to 5 pounds of carrots a day? Wow.

    I second what Claire is probably harmless to ingest that much carrot juice, but you're not getting the maximum benefit from juicing when you overdo one vegetable at the expense of the others. Try more leafy green veggies, as well as beets, sweet potatoes, get the variety of bioflavanoids that your body needs.

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