One salad a week?


Posted by Kelli on 4 years ago

Reposting this hear because I never got a answer in a different section.

I have several events coming up. Birthdays, births, showers..etc.. My family loves to go out to eat for these events.

I am currently on my third round of fasting and I am on day 14.. I feel better this time then I ever have. I want to be able to eat and have fun with ever one going out.

My question is. If I have a garden salad, no meat with home made Salsa dressing will that interrupt the fat burning I have going on my fast? If I eat one salad a week will it mess up the stage my body is in now. Is one Salad going to throw me off course?


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  • The New George

    4 years ago

    No. A healthy salad will not adversely affect you. I think for people like me, we have to be super strict on our reboots. Because that salad will need some ranch dressing and perhaps croutons well maybe some cheese just a touch of turkey and some garlic toast won't hurt and why not a soup with it and a slice or three of pizza and some cookies and ice cream! I don't get that vibe about you so enjoy your salad and don't worry about it stopping your progress because honestly it won't.

  • Kelli

    4 years ago

    Awesome, Yeah I do not want to go overboard I just want to be able to eat someting very healthy so I can enjoy the meal with my family and no worry about stopping the keytones and fat burning. I am was afraid it would be like starting over at day one and then have to wait a week to start buring fat again.. etc.

  • Piwacket

    4 years ago

    I agree with George, having a salad will not be detrimental to your healthy juice plan. Everything in moderation is key, I often have a salad for lunch and then juice the rest of the day, just so I can enjoy the chewing factor. Don't stress and get your cortisol levels spiking. Better to chew on a carrot than an ice cream bar, drink water with lemon than a soda, adjust to meet the occasion you might also fill up on juices before going to a family event so you aren't "starving" when you are faced with food and lose control . Good luck

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