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On day 26 and feeling hungry & weak

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Posted by Rhiannon on 4 years ago

I have faithfully gone 25 days (on day 26) without food! I am drinking between 60-80 oz of juice a day. I'm shaky and feeling so hungry I want to eat everything I see! Wonder how pillows taste? Oh look! Carboard, and plastic...yummmm just kidding, but I am feeling crazy hungry.

I was going for 30 days and know I can do it, but I'm honestly questioning IF I should. I think saying I did it for 30 days is special, but I didn't do this to brag. I'm currently thinking of going 28 and breaking it on day 29. 4 weeks is good, right?

I will still juice 2 x a day (I have such great results in how I feel, minus the constant hunger pangs and the weakness I feel) and eat plant based snacks (raw) and a meal, like rice and beans. I will do that for 28 days and will hopefully have the strength I need from the protein to function and workout. I am too weak to workout.


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  • Melinda_B

    4 years ago

    my coach always says this is your reboot and you know your body. I am on day 19 and feeling some hunger but wanting to keep going... I will say I have had the inside of a plain baked sweet potato with salt and pepper and a banana when I was gone for a conference.. you might want to try that. we were also told we could have carrot or celery if need (I haven't done that).

    my plan is to continue toward 60 days but my hubs would like me to eat some dinners with them even if it is just soup and veggies (that is after the 30 days)..

    you do what you need to do and be proud of yourself.

  • John C

    4 years ago

    one thing I've notice while on this journey is that I can feel exactly as you just described at one moment (super hunger, weak, etc), and then feel energized and strong a few hours later after nutrients have entered my system. Also, getting a full nights sleep is huge for me. Hope you make it to the finish line Rhiannon!

  • MFigley

    4 years ago

    Have you considered adding in a smoothie in the morning with some protein powder? And/or have you considered your B12 levels?

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