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Old dog learning new tricks

Reboot Newbies

Posted by Pumpkin on 4 years ago

Well, I do believe that you can teach an old dog new tricks :-).

I am 51 years young but feel old.

  • I got diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis a few months back. It's a nasty little decease. Came out of nowhere -so I thought. They put me on steroids. Oh they made me feel good. I didn't know anything about it. Now they want me on more meds, stuff that will put my immune system down. As much as it might help me with RA, the list of possible side effects is long...too long.
  • I joined because I am not going to take my RA medication right away, as they said I should. Right now I am on 10 mg Prednisone...tapering down starts at the 20 down to 7.5 mg, then to 5 mg then to 2.5. I never want to be on it again. There is no knows cure to RA, nobody can really say why it happens. That pretty much means the doctors know as much as I do -no offense. I just watched the 2nd part of Joe's movie. I will have to make some adjustments to the juices. I can't do lemon, I read that's a No-No with RA. I want to do the 10 day challenge for sure, I think that might be a good start to...whatever might come afterwards. I am overweight by a lot. Could lose 70 lbs without starving :-).
  • So...thank you for this forum. It's good to know I am not alone. I might have some questions :-). Thank you for reading and may you all have a "juicy" day :-)

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