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Noni Fruit / Noni Extract

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Posted by Chris on 2 years ago

I was introduced to Noni extracts about 10 years ago when healing from a car accident.

I have been taking it again for the last few months , I know there are so many claims to so many different fruits and vegetables and the benefits they can have. I started taking it again due to a growth in my abdomen that I could only assume is a tumor or cyst of some kind, I am still sorting that issue out with my doctors.

Either way, I heard of it's potential benefits of helping reduce the size of growths and helps with relaxation and lowers blood pressure, so I have added it back to my routine...

I am curious if anyone uses them in their juicing or smoothies?

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  • Zootal

    2 years ago

    The problem with Noni juice is that most of the nutritional content is in the leaves and roots and pulp, not the juice. The juice is mostly water without a lot of nutritional content. If you look at the label, it has good vitamin C and little else. I find the claims on the labels about all the wonderful things the juice does doesn't match historical accounts of the usage of the plant. Do some research on historical usages of the Noni plant, you find that the juice is for menstrual flow, urinary problems, and maybe arthritis, and that is all. Most of the benefits of the plant come from the leaves and whole fruit.

    Will it hurt anything on a reboot? Doubtful, the juice is very low on calories, and it might even be good for you to some degree.

  • Chris

    2 years ago

    I have tried the juice and pure extract (which is insanely expensive) I understand the concerns about not having the actual fruit on hand to add to the juicer. I was just curious if anyone else has tried it or used it

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