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No juice!

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Posted by JimmyJuice on 1 year ago

hi guys, 1st post virginity taken.....

I am starting a juice fast on Monday (9/4/18) to try and cure my Urticaria.

Around 3 weeks into my fast I have a holiday booked in the Amalfi Coast , Italy, a very secluded part of Italy not near any major towns where I can access fresh juice.

I have a number of other holidays booked and this is the best time to commence my fast or it will not ever happen so waiting until after this holiday is not a option.

I have tried to get juice internationally delivered but they have declined as it will not be fresh after integration arrival from the UK (where I am based).

My juice fast starts on monday April 9th and my holiday is on May the 4th for 3 nights.

What do you suggest I do????

I am very comitted to completing a 30 day 1st as I believe this length of time with assist my goal of resetting my body enough to potentially help combat my Urticaria.

Any suggestions, advice, help would be hugely appreciated.

P.s yes that is a sausage dog puppy in my picture, he is called Norman and he likes to poop in hard to reach to clean places!

Juice on!


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  • KaedeM

    1 year ago

    Hi there!

    First, I love the picture of Norman! He's super cute.

    Can you take a portable juicer with you? Store it in your luggage? (

    I found this on Amazon, then all you have to do is hit the farmers market or grocery store for the fruits and veggies needed.

    I'm starting my first cleanse in 5 days and am excited and hopeful for the results I'll see.

    Good luck on your cleanse and I hope your vacation/holiday is fantastic!

    I googled the coast you said you were going and holy wow that place looks beautiful!


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