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Posted by Penney on 2 years ago

for 22 days my husband had vegan food and juice. He lost 44 pounds is tachycardia went away and so did his high blood pressure. So he decided to do a 10-day reboot. The problem is he has no energy. He is drinking 5 to 6 16 ounce juices a day with low sugar or fruit I should say. I'm concerned cuz I don't want him to lose his momentum. I believe he's drinking enough water. Any other suggestions as what to do? Any particular juice recipes that I should put in his diet to help? I desperately want to help him.

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  • Zootal

    2 years ago

    It's not that unusual. Sometimes I drag throughout the entire reboot. I've never experienced the rush of energy you hear people talk about. I just drrraaaaggg on....

    If he lost 44 pounds in 22 days doing vegan food and juice, maybe he should just stick to that? If it works, then do what works!

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