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Newbie in need of help and support

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Posted by Audrey-Jeanne on 2 months ago

Good morning all!

Newbie and definitely in need of massive support.

I have started to put on the weight a few years ago when my work became sedentary - I work from home, I literally roll out of bed and turn the laptop on. work until it is dark and roll back into bed...

Even WFH has it's perks - it also has it disadvantages. I have not met anyone new in over three years. I also do not eat properly AT ALL.

I would feel sick first thing in the morning just by looking at potential breakfast - then tend to forget about it until 5 or 6pm.... then eat whatever is there.

A friend of mine called me after she watched FS&ND and told me I HAVE to watch it - it took me a few weeks to make the decision to watch it, as I though "another fad diet - it won't work"

But after seeing documentary 1 AND 2 in less than a day, I felt inspired and started yesterday. However, if i have no support around me I know I will not last.

Now I don't have a juicer - I use a very well known blender brand, so I do have a few questions:

- What is best: Juicer or blender? we are told that blenders are best as they do not separate the nutrients from the juice

- How many times a day can I have a juice?

- are there any people around my area who would be willing to get together and discuss our progress and support eachother?

I tend to gob quite a lot so I will stop here. but would love some responses and support.

thanks all!

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  • Marion

    2 months ago

    Good morning. Best juicer - start with what you can afford. Watch for sales and rebates. They come up often. I started with a Jack Lalanne juicer. Got two of them at garage sales really cheap. Nobody wanted them but me. Perfect. I wanted to make sure that I was going to juice. Used it happily for over a year. Then at Christmas, Canadian Tire had a clearance sale on a Kitchenaid juicer for $100 bucks. Kitchenaid had a rebate for a $100. It cost me the $13 in tax. Again a good deal. There are some really expensive ones out there, but get what you need to get going. I know this site has one that they use - I think it's a Breville.

    If you punch in Marion in the search bar, you will see me there. If crappy eating is where you've been, then you really need to start adding juices and smoothies to your day. You'll put everything you need into a glass and drink it down. If the colour bothers you, put them into a container you can't see. Start small. Everything you do that's right will help. I promise it will get better.

    If you want some support, you can try one of their programs. They're great. Can't afford that and want some help, I will write to you when you ask for it. Let me know where you're from. There might be a time difference.

    Start with baby steps. Start by getting rid of the crap out of your diet. Make healthy choices. Don't worry so much about calories as much as nutrients. Let's not focus on the weight loss. That will come without trying - seriously! Start by getting changing the weight of your plate to greater portions of a plant based diet. Keep at it until you're only eating plant based. Every day drink a smoothie and a couple juices. You can't have too many juices. Just make sure that they're 80% vegie and 20% fruit. That way you're not piling on the calories. Have fruit or nuts for a snack. If you've had extremely bad eating habits, you need to change them. Don't overwhelm yourself. Start slow. This doesn't happen overnight. It might be a little slower this way, but it will work.

    I add at least 300 ml - 500 ml of coconut water every day to one of my juices or smoothies. When you start changing over to more juices and smoothies, your body performs a miracle. It starts to detox and repair. Sometimes it can cause a headache at first. Don't panic. I found that this time by adding the coconut water, I didn't get a headache. I stay extremely hydrated. Oh, right. Start drinking water - lots and lots and lots of water. This too keeps you hydrated. You can drink more juice than you'll care to - 3L per day when you're just juicing, plus water, of course! You'll find that as you increase your juicing or smoothies with healthy contents, you won't crave junk food and you'll be satisfied. Learn the difference between "I feel like eating" and "I'm really hungry."

    In the last year, my life turned upside down. I know exactly where you're coming from. I put on a significant amount of weight. I finally hit bottom recently and decided that enough is enough. I've been back at it for a week now. I am starting already to feel better. I use the site constantly for the information and the recipes.

    I hope this will get you started. I want my husband to join me on my quest. So having already done this, I'm spending most of my day making juices, smoothies and packing snacks for the next few weeks. I have 87 baggies filled with premeasured nuts for snacks, I have Aussie bites set up for breakfasts in little containers. I'm prepping all of my veggies and fruits for the week. I'm going to freeze my drinks so that I don't have an excuse later. I'm really busy and sometimes I'm running late. It's easiest to be prepared.

  • Audrey-Jeanne

    2 months ago

    Thanks Marion,

    I must admit I have been on this for a week now and I have not lost an ounce in weight - I feel Deprived, Demoralized and Depressed.

    Tomorrow is my birthday - and I am taking my daughter out, we have a visit of the Houses of Parliament (I am based in London UK) with afternoon tea - she will have the scones and sandwiches - I will have the tea only as I don't like sandwiches and hate scones anyway... I will try to make it a nice day but I admit I am not feeling in a celebratory mood.

    I have been down emotionally because of my weight for three years now, never able to lose anything. have gone to the gym and spend a huge amount of money on PT.

    Doctors tell me to diet and exercise, but there is nothing that helps - I don't eat much, little and often. try to be healthy, but nothing works.

    I really hoped Juicing would be the answer, but after a week, not seeing any result, not even on lb, is very very depressing.

    I tried to have my thyroid checked - but this came back normal. I have no idea what to do.

    I will continue, because I know it is a good way to be healthy, but i really must say I am not feeling any benefits.

    if anyone out there has experienced this, please let me know. I really need some help

  • Marion

    2 months ago

    Hello Audrie:

    Been a little busy. Just saw your post. You might want to give some thought to joining one of their programs. You'll be accountable; you'll have group support for the entire program; you'll have one on one support if things are not happening for you. The nutritionist can help you find the root of your problem and make helpful suggestions. You can have private e-mails between the two of you if you want things to be discreet. It is worth the money if you're having difficulty. I hope this helps. I could never lose any weight, just like you. This program did the trick.


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