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newbie diabetic needs HELP !!! :)

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Posted by animesh1011 on 6 years ago hi there, im animesh and im diabetic type-2, im starting a 40 day fast from tomm and wanted help with a few questions below. 1) as im diabetic what are the vegetables i can juice and what fruits up to what limit ? 2) Can i take a multivitamin during only juice fast ? 3) can i add a spirulina tablet and omega -3 fish oil tablet with juice only fast ? 4) i read that we get constipation during a fast and if we add husk will it break the fast ? Any genuine help will be highly appreciated as im clueless bout the above questions .. thank u :)

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  • Claire Georgiou - ND

    6 years ago
    Hi Animesh, Welcome to the reboot program! Here are a bunch of posts that will answer your questions and give you plenty of ideas and guidance. Multivitamins are not suggested while doing a reboot, you will be getting plenty of nutrients from the juices and fresh foods. Let me know if you have any further questions after reading all of these suggestions for your reboot :)

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