Reboot Newbies


Reboot Newbies

Posted by Angie on 2 months ago

Hello - I'm a newbie. Just signed up this morning. I'm online surfing around the site to familiarize myself with everything. Wondering how to prepare for the 15 day reboot tomorrow and what to have on hand to get started. Any suggestions? Thanks. Hello to everyone and best of luck with your journey!

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  • Layana83

    2 months ago

    Hi Angie, have you read any of Joe's books? it has lots of info about how to prepare. I was a little cheeky and borrowed two from our local library. I've been preparing for my juice fast since Saturday as Joe's book recommends 7 day prepare by cutting out process foods first and working towards eating just plant based foods by the end of the week. I have been practicing with my juicer today and have tried to include one juice a day until my reboot starts. I have opted to follow the plan in the Juice it to Lose it book which is for 5 days initially and can then be extended. Seems to be fairly easy to follow as he lists everything to buy in the supermarket. I'm going to be getting the veg in on Friday...quite excited/nervous to start. Good luck with your Reboot i look forward to hearing about your journey.

  • Angie

    2 months ago

    Hi Layana83 - nice to meet you. Yes, I've read some of Joe's books. I got a new juicer from my son for Christmas year before last (2015) and did a lot of research at that time about juicing etc. Thats when I bumped into Joe Cross and his movie and books. That Spring (2016) I tried my first reboot on my own, somewhat successfully. I went for 3 weeks and can say I felt great by the end.

    I think for me, the transition back into regular living and 'life' is the hardest part. I also had major surgery this past December (2016) - a year later - (to help my back after an injury) and have had issues with my digestion, face breakouts, feeling hot/cold, and energy level since. I've never had to take so many drugs, pain meds, etc - altho for a short time. It helped the surgery and recovery issues but really messed my system up! I know I need to rebuild my gut flora and get my system back in balance. And I need support to do it. So this time I got on Joe's site and signed up for the 15 day guided reboot. It is my gift to me. In addition I need to drop about 25 lbs I gained while lying around recuperating.

    Our 15 day reboot "coach" is a naturopath and she has already helped with some suggestions on tinctures to take to 'reboot my liver' while on this journey. I'd already been working with probiotics to rebuild my gut flora on my own. I'm also attempting to get back to the gym. I've been kinda dreading it but I'm gonna push myself to get it done. I know that once I start, after the first week or so, it wont be a big deal anymore. I focus primarily on water exercises and swimming, water classes, walking, and tai chi.

    What is your weightloss goal? - and/or - other health goals? I didnt find out about the reboot soon enough to start slowly like you did, but we start the reboot for the first 5 days with a mix of juice, salads, soups, smoothies, and vegies before a full 10 days of juice only. I'm only one day in, but so far so good. In fact I had a hard time eating everything we were supposed to. I was stuffed by the end of yesterday! :)

    I do love the way that his books and the guided reboot plans are so helpful with the shopping lists, recipes, menus, and encouragement. Now I'm finding that we can make new friends and gain support too, which I think is awesome. Joe Cross is doing a great service in helping so many people all over the world dont you think? I know that I'm very grateful to have stumbled upon his story and support. He and his team are really helping us to set ourselves up to be successful. Ok Layana83, I think I've written you a short book! lol....Best of luck with your efforts today! And hopefully I can get myself out to exercise today after my morning juice. If my body will cooperate, I'll give it a go :) ttyl

  • Jeribee36

    2 months ago

    Hiya Angie I'm Jerry.. and also a newbie (day one). Thought I would say howdee and hopefully we can be some support to each other. I've been dying to start for some time now, just always putting it off. Doesn't help we are in the middle of winter and its cold and hectic storms. But.. .not too far away from spring, so hoping this will boost my weight loss and motivation. Just can't have another xmas and new years 'wishing' that the year coming will be my year. How did you find the first day? I"m doing full juicing... straight into it. Cold Turkey. So far, my mind just keeps thinking about fried eggs!!! I haven't a clue why. Anyway.. keeping myself busy.

  • Angie

    2 months ago

    Funny "fried eggs" lol....probably craving protein is my guess. Where are you? (winter)...I'm eastcoast USA and it's peak of summer here. There's hurricanes in the Atlantic too, and I'm hoping they wont come our way. Meanwhile, to answer your question, I'm on day 6 of a guided reboot with "Claire" (a naturopath in Australia who is leading our group). It's very helpful and supportive imo. I'm learning some new things so glad I signed up. I tried my first reboot over a year ago and was pretty successful, but the program is making it much easier. They provide all of the menus, game plan, shopping list, etc and 3 live webinars plus a chat room for everybody in the group. Anyway....

    My first day was fine. 3rd day was hardest for me. I got tired and started a dull headache until I remembered that I hadnt had any water that day. I know from experience that its a warning of detox for me. So after drinking a couple glasses of water, the headache went away like magic. Now I'm paying attention and being sure to stay on top of it throughout the day. Even herbal tea helps. Since it's winter where you live, something warm would probably be a better choice. Also broth made from your leftover juicing pulp. There's info on how to do it on this site.

    Ok...I'm determined to get some exercise in today so I'm off to the gym. Nice to meet you Jerry and good luck!

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