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Free for All

Posted by robertog9006 on 1 year ago

Hello everybody, this is my second time doing a reboot but my first time using this wonderful community support tool. I look forward to interacting with other juicers here and learning about your personal experiences rebootin!

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  • I am Groot

    1 year ago

    Hi Robert

    Glad you made it! I really enjoy the help from like minded folks here on the site. As long as you don't mind wading through some auto-generated ad-posts, which are pretty easy to spot.

    I had the best reboot results when I reached out to several people on the site individually. Then stayed in touch with some of the folks that I connected with. We all may have similar goals, but some folks you'll just get along better with. Once I had found someone with a similar goal / duration of reboot, it made things a little easier to battle this with somebody.

    I did a 21 day reboot before I learned about the site, but I was so glad to find help here for my other reboot adventures.

    It's not always 'busy here, and you may not always get a response, but for the most part it's a great resource.

    Happy juicing and thanks for posting!


  • Suzan

    1 year ago

    Hi Robert,

    I started May 2, with a bit of a back-slide over the weekend, but have juiced Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday this week. I am down 10 lbs, and actually feeling pretty good. How are things going?

  • Nicnacka

    1 year ago

    Hi everyone,

    This isn't my 1st time doing a reboot but fell off levery time before. Now I'm really trying to do a full 60 day reboot starting this Sunday. I got Joe's juicer with all the attachments & book. I think this time I will have the success I want. So basically... I'm really excited!

  • mariecara

    1 year ago

    Hello everyone, really new to all of this! I’ve decided to do a 30 day juice fast. I want to lose weight and break my addiction to junk food, start a whole new lifestyle. Very nervous though, afraid of the detox because I’m currently surviving on junk food and caffeine, lots and lots of coffee ???? I hope I can do it!! Would be amazing g to link with a couple of people for support and motivation! I start my fast tomorrow...... excited and dreading it all at once.

  • BriceFromFrance

    1 year ago


    my name's Brice, I'm 25 and living in France. I do a lot of sport like workout, boxing, running, and I just started the reboot yesterday to be healthy again after I've been on a bad way because So I really enjoy doing it and I needed to talk to people having the same goal. I'm full of motivation and I'm a sport guy since I was a very young kid but still ; without anyone around me figuring what I'm doign and why...could be hard I suppose.

    Happy to be part of the aventure !

  • Soose

    1 year ago

    Hi, BriceFromFrance, welcome! So glad you enjoy juicing! Come join us over in one of the active groups. (And use the "post to group wall" option to post, not the "send message to group" so we see you. )

    Go to COMMUNITY and then GROUPS. You'll see some "Featured Groups" as well as others... here are some names of active groups on this screenshot: Feel free to join us!

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