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New to Juicing!

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Posted by RoxyW on 5 years ago


I bought a Nutri Bullet last year but just recently decided to get serious about juicing after watching Joe's documentary. Very inspiring!

I am a vegetarian who previously lived on protein bars and peanut butter. I seldom ate fruit or veggies and love pasta and chocolate. I made a decision to drastically cut out my carb intake a few years ago but I tend to eat more in the colder months. This is the perfect time to start juicing and so far I love it! I tend to have low blood sugar and I was worried that I might get real hungry but my blood sugar levels seem to be steady and I am satisfied. I have a tofu and fruit smoothie for breakfast and a green juice later on in the day.

I do have a question though... I noticed that my green juice smoothie tends to be thick, almost like applesauce. The Nutri Bullet doesn't extract so is the pulp making it thick? I add some water but maybe I am not adding enough. Will I still get all the nutritional benefits of juicing when it is thick as opposed to a thinner consistency?

I am using collards for my greens but they seem to be tougher than kale. I think I will use spinach or swiss chard next time.

Any suggestions/tips are welcome!

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  • Piwacket

    5 years ago

    Hi welcome, a Nutri Bullit is not a juicer and you won't get a true "juice" using a blender type of machine I would think that is why you are not getting juice but more of a smoothie (with more calories) as a result. Check out the tab on juicing where Joe goes over the various types of juicers for more details on blenders and juicers. There is a lot of good info on this website under all the tabs. Good luck.

  • RoxyW

    5 years ago


    Thanks for the comments. I tried adding more liquid and got the thinner consistency I was looking for. The Nutri Bullet uses all the fruit and veggies so there is no waste and clean-up is easy. I just ordered some Goji powder and can't wait to add it to my recipes. I wish I could find passion fruit locally because I really want to try the recipe using it!

    I am committed to consuming more fruits and veggies and while I have healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels, I want to lose 20 pounds. I am losing my sugar cravings which I think was the reason I couldn't lose weight. I gained some when I turned 50 and became menopausal. Sigh!

    I would like to add you as my friend.

    Take care!


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