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Reboot Newbies

Posted by Layana83 on 2 months ago


I'm new to juicing and will be starting a fast on the 12th August, initially for 5 days and potentially for longer if all goes ok. I decided to try a Reboot after watching his two movies and reading his books and to join the Reboot with Joe community to get moral support. The main reason I'm doing this is due to my health not being up to scratch. In the past I've been obese (ten years ago) and managed to lose 7 stone. However, I've regain about 2 stone and have chronic fatigue amongst other ailments. Blood tests confirmed that I have elevated liver enzymes in my body which is causing the fatigue, fortunately my thyroid is functioning normally so I should be ok on a normal juice fast. I believe I have a fatty liver but won't know for sure until further tests are done in a month's time. That gives me enough time to try the juice fast and get my liver working normally before any further tests are needed.

I've read a lot of peoples stories and all seem to follow the same pattern, first three days are extremely hard and then it suddenly gets easier. I've got four days off work at the beginning of my fast so that I can get through any challenges in a relaxed environment. I'm not a complete stranger to fasting as I fast once a year for Ramadan but obviously that doesn't go beyond 19 hours.

I'm optimistic that this will dramatically turn my health around but I'm also conscience that it'll be difficult at first. I feel well prepared and looking forward to getting started. I hope to meet other people, especially for encouragement when it gets tough and to hear inspiring stories. Please do say hello :O)

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