Real Change

New journey from Riyadh | 30-4-2017

Real Change

Posted by Misha on 2 years ago


This is Mashael from Saudi Arabia, I spent my last night reading your challenges, you guys really inspired me.

I never thought of juicing community!

actually this is not my first time juicing, I tried it 3 times before for almost 3 days.

I am allergic to many kind of food and weather, addicted to milk and emotionally attached to SUGAR, I struggling to have good sleep at night and always feeling tired, am thinking of food day and night and eating like no tomorrow :(

I go to gym, run everyday, but still I have 10 k.g to lose.

I started reading about vegan food 1 year ago, and lost 6 kilos in one month, its not about loosing wight only, its about clean thinking, making decision and feeling good!

When I tried juicing for first time, my skin was glowing!

I have a really bad habit (eating my nails) since I was 2 years old, I spent 25 years of my life trying to stop but I couldn't!

once i shift to vegan lifestyle and after almost 9 month of changeing eating habits I suddenly stopped! now I achieved 5 months without touching them!

green juice is on my daily system now, but I lost many of the good habits, am eating meet, milk and sagar now, feeling bad about myself and don't want to look at the mirror, I gained 5 kilos more :(

Today i just started a new journey, am planning 15 days of juicing, and I hope I can extened to 30!

Day#1 for green juice, carrot juice and water only.

wish me luck :)

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