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Posted by Eric1775 on 1 year ago

Hello everyone!

I'm a 49 y/o man in SoCal. Former college athlete, former Marine, business man, and most importantly, father of 3.

I have been very fortunate and have had great health. That changed in lat3 2016, and I had a disc issue (L4/L5). The short story is, I went from eating healthy, and swimming 1000 meters a day, to being in a good amount of pain, and out of commission for a year. I formed some bad habits while healing (eating too much, drinking), and put on about 45lbs. I'm down to 228, but saw the movie on Netflix, and just thought, this really makes sense.

I'm doing this for a number of reasons: to lose weight, to be active again, to take care of the one body I get, and to model for my kids (17, 14, and 8).

I appreciate how Joe calls this a Reboot, and that it's all about creating good habits, for going forward.

Good luck to everyone. I will post updates.


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    1 year ago

    Hey Eric... I am in the same boat as far as a former athlete, and now I seem I just pretend. I was a distance runner/cyclist/triathlete who just stopped all of it and now only run/cycle sporadically at best. I've gained 40 pounds by eating junk and drinking. Trying to get my body back in shape. Best of luck to you man... Look forward to seeing your results.

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