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Need Words of Encouragement

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Posted by Erika D on 5 years ago

I am sure I am not alone here. I had two VERY successful 10 day reboots, but since then, I have fallen back into my old ways, gained all the weight back, and gave in to my sugar addiction. I am so sad and defeated, and so afraid that I won't have the will to do it again.

I need a little love right now :)

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  • Salman

    5 years ago

    Hi Erika! I'm on my day 26 of the first reboot, feeling great, I've lost about 23 pounds & currently weigh 210 pounds down from 233 pounds, in these 26 days, I went out with friends thrice & twice I had salads with chicken but once I completely lost it & I had a full size chicken sizzler & fried prawns & a mojito, god I felt terrible, but next day I only drank mean green & never thought about it, also never weighed in myself for about 2 weeks to avoid feeling guilty, the overall result I'm very happy & satisfied, plan to push to 45 days now :)

  • The New George

    5 years ago

    To begin what you did was very impressive. Most people will never even make it to 10 days. Look, there will come a time when you're ready and you will be able to stick it. For me it had to be something drastic. So my wife and I did 60 days. I lost 51 lbs. In the 3 months after the juice fast I've lost an additional 20 lbs. I'm not bragging. I'm one of the weakest least disciplined people out there. I just believe that if I can succeed anyone can. It took over 2 years after I had watched and been inspired by FS&ND before I could mentally even try. You may need an ambitious goal like 30, 45 or even 60 days to truly break free of those addictions. But you can break those addictions and I believe you will. I would also recommend watching "Hungry for Change" on NetFlix. It may help give that extra motivation. Since I finished the juice fast and began the rest of my new life I've watched it numerous times along with FS&ND and just keep absorbing the love and inspiration and watch in amazement as my body continues to heal and approach what I've been wishing for all of these years.

  • Erika D

    5 years ago

    Thank you for taking the time to give me some kind words. I have watched every one of those documentaries continuously, and they have def helped inspire me. I got my husband to do a few days with me, but then we both fell back into our old ways.

  • [...]

    5 years ago

    Hi Erika,

    The fact that you showed up and are reaching out is a good sign. If you were truly defeated IMO you would not be posting here for advice. If you fail...So what? We have all failed if we hadn't and were able to do this ourselves it wouldn't of taken a movie like this to shock and inspire us into change. You had success before and shhhhhh.... You can can do it again! Trust me I know the Merry Go Round you ride and its a pain in the ass. Try and learn why you repeat your behaviors and keep going back to old habits. Maybe your changes were too extreme the last few times. Maybe try making smaller changes and setting smaller goals to train yourself to make better choices long term. Just even replacing one meal in your day can make a huge difference long term in your health and weight. Slowly adding walking or some type of physical activity will make a huge impact on your goals. I don't believe in CAN'T ...More like how can I make this work for me?

    It's ok to feel the way you feel but don't let it swallow you up. Keep pushing girly :-)

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