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Posted by Juscuziam on 2 years ago

I joined because ive done the 34 day straight no food nust juice felt amazing. I was 276lbs and cauphing up blood and weezing so loud it would make me and my partner awake do to the weezing sound it was like a creepy whistle. I went to hospital had chest xrays and sent me to a breathing specialist. They put me on a breathing machine one where you blow until your out of breath. I just couldn't half way through i started cauphing almost losing my breath my face was red and blod on my lips. They prescribed me medication. I went to the pharmacist gave them my prescription and left. I was tired and returned the next day. Arriving i told them i was here to pickup my medication and she called the pharmacist over who grabed a large pack of pill bottles tied together with a large rubber band and i thought it was for many people cause how could that be for me. As he laid them down before me he said ok lots here ill explain the procedure on talking them. As he spoke i couldnt understand whathe was saying followed by two pills at night 4 pills evening and as he was mumbling away i picked up the large Costco sized receipt and read $365.00 i stopped him said mistake my medical pays a portion he said it did but not all of it. I left said sorry i won't i cant. Leaving thinking about what to do i went bought some wine and my fav pizza. As i ate and researched better ways to do things came across joes f.s.n.d movie wo i watched it. After it was over went to 24/7 convienavce store and spent 22 bucks on v8 and joes recipe less the kale and ginger. Came home and made my first juice hmmmmmm i think ill take the meds. After a long visit to the bathroom i felt hungry. So i ate more pizza watched s.f.n.d again...i hope im not boring you not even sure this gets read lol. Woke up made a juice finished my pizza so good meat lovers mmmmmm then went to work. After work went to shop with my daughters and went to try on some track pantsand ball shirts hides the stomach. In the changeroom i took my shirt off and looked in the bi fold have boobs marks around my belly from my pants and behind me a had boobs each side of my back under my shoulder what have i done to myself i was usually 200 lbs great shape 7 years later.....looking at my face i noticed my saggy chin and my drawn baggy eyes thinking why would i do this. ( i had stress goingon and lots of it). I went home watched the movie again and again and forks over knives (poor animals) and youtube juicing. I was pumped i downloaded the joes juicing app and map my walk and started day one. Day one laced up my runners leashed the dog who was confuesed at whats happening and started out the door. Three mins in started vomiting heart racing went backhome went to eat some noodles and tossed them out instead. Juiced what i had left and went to sleep. Next day my fiancee asked what i was doing (shes 6ft. 130 looks like a yoga instructor but drinks beer pizza no idea. We watched the show together then went out and bought 60 bucks worth of produce and it began she was pumped. Next day around 8pm shd wanted to kill people and got so angry she quit. Im cheap so i looked t all the fruit and thought vant let this go bad. Next day back out 5 mins threw up on the corner Neighbor came ove asked what i was doing i explained the situation and he back up said man take the meds your going to kill yourself. I pressed on.i was so hot i shaved my head bald. Day 4 sad grumpy angry and so hungry so i made more juice mind was going crazy. Day five feel like crap but body wont stop walking im up to 1k now and dogs looking happy. No weight loss 6 lost 5 pounds over night yes!!! Day 10 arrive at breathing clinic nurse took me in sat me down said looks like you were in last week i said yes and she looked at my like when i whistle at my dog just turned her head say wow...she couldnt believe it was me like i had a twin. She weighed me and i was 265 and ten days before 276...11 lbs down. She said i look younger and how i explained it she looked at me like i wad crazy. Day 20 240 lbs clothes baggy keep going. Client asks if im well i said yes couldn't be better be pointed to my hair said why no hair....he thought i had cancer because i look so different since he seen me last. I explained my story and response was like all others you get sick cant go without food youll die. I had to explain i was eating just not solids. Arriving at my market i bought another of veggies and the lady asked what and i doing with all these vegitables and i said juicing. Somone in line asked what was i talking about and i spent 20 minutes giving a mini seminar on juiceing and this made me pumped. Day 34 running walming 5 k + a day 215 lbs no stretch marks and really looking yunger and actually getting hit on again. Went from a 42 waist to a 36. Xxl shirt to a large and the reaction from everyone i know. I helped several people do the same and now a full vegitarian and ao healthy have three juicers and a fridge devoted to veggies.

Now.......3 years later im 245 and can no longer fit in my old clothes. I had to work allot suffered a break up and a lengthy court battle. (I won its ok she was a bqd person) my eldest moved out and my youngest in another province attending private school. Im single. I try juicing but only last a day ive cant seem to get motivated and get hungry fast. I drink wine almost every second day so im here cause i need motivation or something.

So thats my story typed on my cell ph in the bath tub so excuse me for typos run on sentances

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