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Posted by dokathrive on 3 years ago

Dear All,

I am on my path to discovering myself, my health and its connection to emotions and mind. I am very interested in healthy, balanced living, plant-based lifestyle. I once came to the point where I could no longer look at myself in the mirror or photos and decided to change my life - since then I have been on two 21-day juice fasts (only vegetables, no fruit), and after 14 months I am minus 20 kg, but this is just the beginning of the new lifestyle and a lifetime journey. I would love to learn more about holistic nutrition and natural health to be able not only to help myself but also others - ultimately I want to listen to my heart and decided to quit my corporate job in February, leave London and go for an adventure to discover, learn and share. I would love to travel to Southeast Asia/Indonesia and spend some time there before returning back home to Lithuania, therefore I am asking for you help and advise - I would be very grateful if anyone could share their knowledge of any natural health courses in those regions. However, I am also interested in any such course online that I could start doing now (I heard about Integrative Nutrition courses and they seem to be great, however, they are also very expensive).

I would be very grateful for any tips, advise, or information as it would really mean a lot to me in such an exciting but also stressful time - knowing that my life is changing and leaving everything I worked for so far behind for listening to the voice of my heart.

Huge thank you in advance to everyone who would take their time to read this and advise - you have no idea how much it means to me.

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