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My mental health vs my physical health

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Posted by ~Drained ~ on 1 year ago


I’m 34 and I suffer from limit personality disorder.

This includes symptoms such as depression and extreme anxiety.

I have to take a lot of medication and my body is suffering because of it.

I’ve gained weight, my is skin is dry, my hair doesn’t look so healthy anymore And I have constant headaches.

I lost my home recently so me and my family had to come live with my parents. At home I was able to control what i ate. Here I have to eat whatever is served. This made me loose control over my nutrition too.

My husband bought me a juicer after we watched the documentary. I’m having such a hard time with getting

The encouragement to start. My borderline disorder doesn’t help either. I’m tired of being mentally and physically ill. I have the 3 days plan but I haven’t even tried it. I just feel stuck.

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Replies To My mental health vs my physical health

  • Happi_Gee

    1 year ago

    I can only imagine how hard it must be. Just about the only thing I can say to you is that it will help you feel better. Of course, maybe not cure all symptoms completely but I’m sure it will help you feel better. It’s all about baby steps. One thing at a time. Your husband is wonderful for helping you out. You are lucky to have a supportive partner.

    You should try making a list journaling the pros and cons of you starting this journey. Trust me, the pros will outweigh the cons. Oh, and never forget why you want to do this, remind yourself all the time. Fixate on that (I like to refer to this as positive fixating).

    What I’m trying to do right now is take care of myself both physically and mentally. I am starting my second juice session because even though I lost 16 lbs on the first one, I wasn’t 100% commited. Now I plan to be. At the same time I am reading/learning about DBT, currently seeing a therapist, and might get medication for anxiety on Monday.

    You can do this, you are strong, you have what it takes! Also, you are beautiful. :)

    Many hugs your way and if you ever need to talk or would like to be partners for encouragement, let me know.


  • ~Drained ~

    1 year ago

    Thank you Gee!!!

    Means a lot to me that you took your time to reply.

    This constant fight between what my body is asking from me and what my brain needs hast been easy.

    I wish to start the 3 day program next week . I hope I do.

    I would love to be partners with you on this journey!

    Big hug !


  • Aubrielle Bridger

    10 months ago

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