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My first Juice

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Posted by Donna on 5 years ago

Hello! Last month I watched Fat sick and Nearly Dead and decided I, too, wanted to make a change in my life.

I have an autoimmune disease that prevents me from absorbing B12, Vitamin D and C. As a result, my digestive system does not work well. I do take shots, but that does not always seem to be enough.

I feel as though my diet, with all of it's unhealthy additives and lack of nutrition, is partly to blame.

I want to do a 3 day juice to:

1. see if it makes any difference to how I feel
2. lose some weight

My main desire is to feel clear headed and energtic. Losing weith won't hurt either!

Today I started the 3 day juice plan. I had warm water with lemon instead of coffee. Surprisingly, I liked it. I had Carrot Apple Ginger for breakfast. It was ok. I like carrots and it was a much sharper taste than I am use to. But I could drink it. I tried the coconut water as an in between. Yuk! won't do that again. Instead, I'll drink water or more warm water with lemon.

For lunch I had Mean Joe Green. Not a big fan. Drank some, but really had trouble with it. It's too grassy! I am hoping my tastebuds change.

So far I feel a slight headache. I am not hungry though. Other than that, not too bad for my first day.

I am not looking forward to drinking the green stuff again, but I'll give another one a try.

Any suggestions?

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Replies To My first Juice

  • Brunswick Girl

    5 years ago

    Just hang in with it. You can change out the Mean Green ...see the website for other suggestions. I just finished my 3rd day and think I will go for 3 more.

  • robertjm

    5 years ago

    I'd bet the "grassyness" is that kale in there. I've never eaten it before I tried some chips last Summer. Tuesday was my first batch of Mean Green, and three of my kale leaves were pretty big in size.

  • dave

    5 years ago

    You will make it. To cut the flavor in the very green drinks, add some pineapple and/or lemons. It helps me out. Plus, your taste buds will change. You will begin to appreciate the tastes. That said, the green juices are still my least favorite, but you have to appreciate the good it is doing for your body. I know I do. I rarely, if ever, have the coconut water. It is just not a taste I have grown to like. I make sure to include other fruits and vegetables that contain a high level of electrolytes.

  • JuicyKrys

    5 years ago

    The "sharp" taste in the carrot, apple, ginger was probably the ginger... try using a bit less and see if it helps.

    As for the Mean Green... if you watch Joe in videos (and I saw in person), he often adds a 3rd apple. I also find a big problem is that leafy greens are the most heavily pesticide-sprayed plants out there and I notice a huge positive taste difference when I use organic kale and spinach.

    Coconut water works well as a "top up" for juices. You will likely find the recipes come up a bit short, so add some coconut water instead of just regular water. I can't stand the taste on its own (like many, I thought it would taste like, well, coconut LOL), but have no problem with an ounce or two *in* a juice.

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  • Donna

    5 years ago

    Thank you all for your posts. Sadly, I did not make it to day 3. Mostly because I just could not bring myself to drink the mean joe green, or any green, for that matter.

    I was skeptical whether I would see any benefits. Because I cannot absorb certain vitamins orally, I thought I was probably wasting my time. But......

    I felt hungry on day 2, but I chalked that up to not drinking the green juices. Because I was hungry, I caved on day 3. I had a huge headache on day 2 that did go away when I ate. I did not feel any more energy, but I did not feel tired either.

    I did notice some subtle differences. On the evening of day 2, I noticed my skin looked smooth, not red and blotchy like it usually is. It actually looked like I shed a few years! Also, I noticed my eyes were brighter. Not pinched and tired looking.

    I also lost 3 lbs. Not a lot, I know, but a start.

    I will try this reboot again. In the meantime, I plan on tasting a variety of green juices so I can find one I like. I have also decided that I will substitute breakfast and lunch with juice, so I can get more benefit from the nutrients.

    Thanks again for all of your suggestions!

  • JuicyKrys

    5 years ago

    Try the " By The 2's" juice... it's got a fair bit of fruit, but also spinach, and it might be a good "starter" green juice for you. And hey, if you've got to put 4 apples in Mean Green to start with, then go for it... an extra apple or two is better than not drinking it at all :-)

  • jodie meadow

    5 years ago

    hi donna I'm about to start the reboot for the first time on monday. I need to plan things and get everything ready before hand so I have no excuse not to start. I also suffer with the same autoimmune disease and am fed up with being tired.

  • Jeff Searcy

    5 years ago

    Donna before I started my fast I spent about 10 days trying different juices. As long as you keep to around 80% Veggies to 20% Fruit there are many tasty juices you can come up with. I also weaned myself off caffeine before I started. That was 70 days ago, the first 60 with juice only. I hope you try again! Also don't focus as much on the weight loss but on getting healthy and feeling better. The weight loss will end up being a happy side effect of that.

    Happy Juicing. Check out the blog of my journey if you get a chance:

  • robertjm

    5 years ago

    Thanks for sharing the blog link Jeff! Just read through all the postings and have subscribed so I can keep an eye on it.

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