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My eye sight is decreasing while juicing?!

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Posted by Stinkytoe on 4 years ago It seems my eyesight has been getting worse on this fast. I don't mean just "blurry vision", or any kinda dizziness. I Mean... like when I read something... It is harder for me to read. Sometimes my eyes even feel sore... or "sunken".... My far sightedness has become worse, and it is a little scary. I am only 28 years old. I am wearing glasses right now that I do not need to wear very often because they are for prolonged reading/video games to avoid eye strain. Is there something I am doing wrong? Or something that I should be doing? I could not find much information when I searched this online. I don't drink a lot of "sweet" juices. most of mine are green. Because If I drink a lot of sugary things, I have a really bad sugar crash... like hypoglycemia. I have been fine with the juices I have been consuming. I never feel shakiness or anything, so I think my juices are ok? I have also been adding vegan protein powder, and ingesting around 40mg of protein a day. I even tried to make juices that were "for eye sight"... Nothing changed. I am on my day 4, and I had a great amount of energy today compared to other days... I came home and just... lumped on the couch, it was like I was suddenly spent. My eyes actually felt like they were sinking into my head. The "good" thing is that I have oddly NOT had head aches though! I must sound weird. But, I am quite concerned, I don't want to stop my fast... But, I might need to if this stays this way...

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  • Camawa

    4 years ago
    I had a lot of things get worse before they got better, so I would give it another day or two to see if it settles. All the best :)
  • Claire Georgiou - ND

    4 years ago
    Hello stinkytoe, To be sure you are consuming enough electrolytes and water - It should pass soon - detox symptoms can vary for each individual. Just make sure you are well hydrated to reduce the side-effects and you are consuming plenty of red, orange and yellow juices aswell. Let me know how you go!
  • gogreenstaylean

    4 years ago
    I didn't have quite the same symptoms but it was very hard for me to move my eyeballs around my head in yr first few days. I actually had to turn my head to look at something otherwise it was just too uncomfortable to roll my eyes that way. Like someone else suggested just keep it up for a few more days and your body should be finished detoxing, and hopefully this alleviates this issue. Happy juicing! __________________________________________________________________________________ Follow my juice fast blog at:
  • Diana

    4 years ago
    This happened to me also, my visioned seems to be worse, but I forgot all about it because it did't last long. I don't know how long it lasted because it was just gone. I am now on day 38 of 60, hang in there.
  • melly196804

    3 years ago

    I am having a hard time reading at the moment. I am on day 9 today. I am praying that it goes away. It would suck if I have to start wearing reading glasses. My far eye sight is excellent, just struggling with the reading small print. I am glad to hear that I am not the only one. Any suggestions as to what type of juice is best for eyesight. I hate the carrot juices, but if I have to drink one every day I guess I can make the sacrifice.

  • Halloway

    2 months ago

    I can only speak from my experience, but I had what began as blurred vision about a week into my juice fast, it seemed to improve at times so I kept going, but overall it got progressively worse. It's been over a year and my vision has not returned to normal. I've seen several eye doctors as well as my regular doctor. I do not have blood sugar issues or any eye diseases or injuries. As far as we can tell, I just experienced rapid vision loss on the juice fast (from barely needing glasses at all --only for reading small print--to a significant prescription) so my advise is to be careful and stop the juice if eyesight doesn't promptly return to normal. I have huge regrets about this--sorry!

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