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Migraines developing

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Posted by huskereurocat on 3 years ago

It is day 12 of the juice fast and my wife has developed a migraine the last two days, which is very unusual for her. I know that this is normal during the detox phase, but it is day 12. I would think that we are past that period in time. Could there be another issue that we need to address with her or do think that she just isn't getting enough coconut water?

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  • huskereurocat

    3 years ago

    Now I have developed a migraine and have had to take serious drugs. Sure I will be loopy in a little bit so I am tyoing this now. Does something happen at this time or are my wife and I just special? :-)

    Why is the 5 day reboot recommending vegetable broth at certian times of the day?

  • Claire Georgiou - ND

    3 years ago

    Dear huskereutocat,

    Migraines are normally associated with liver detoxification, blood sugar irregularities, electrolyte imbalances and dehydration. Make sure you are ingesting enough water (minimum of 64oz) over the course of the day and more if it is warm weather and you are exercising and/or you are a larger person. Ensure that you are consuming all that is recommended including the broth to ensure you are ingesting a balance of electrolytes over the day.

    Consume more water, broth, coconut water and extra juices! Enjoy and well done on your Reboot so far!!! Awesome work!

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