Group Reboots


Group Reboots

Posted by LiveTo120 on 4 months ago

I'm nearing the end of 4 weeks, got down 8 lbs, upped the muscle tone, did some new stuff like swimming a bit of jogging, weight machines and some new mental acuity, even some new adeptness at computers. But at this rate it seems I wonder if I will be on this diet for years. I am guessing that Joe's reboot that cured him took that long? He lost 100 lbs and got himself cured of his skin condition. Has anyone been on their reboot a really long time? I'm almost 60 so maybe my metabolism is slower than others? If anyone knows, can you give me some encouragement? It looks like a really long slow ride from here..

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  • Zootal

    4 months ago

    I've never reached it, and I'm starting week number five. 28 days, 15 pounds, and still feel bleah. But I'm still loosing a half a pound a day, very consistently.

    I have 20 pounds to go - not quite halfway there. I've been doing this so long that it is becoming routine, and I'm used to it. Can't push myself too hard, but still getting stuff done. Except this week - forecast is for 120 tuesday and wednesday - too hot to go outside and do anything.

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