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Marathon walking

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Posted by DanaReMilner on 4 months ago

I am about to start training to walk my 12th marathon. This will be the first while juicing. I am not rebooting, however; I juice breakfast, mid-morning, and dinner, and eat a light plant-based lunch. Because I walk, 26.2 miles takes me 7 1/2 hours, roughly. In the past, I've always fueled my walks by eating things like dates, bananas, or trail mix every four (4) miles. I'm wondering what the best choices are for someone who will be out on the trail all day. Thanks!

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  • Claire Georgiou - ND

    4 months ago

    Dear DanaReMilner,

    You can take a few juices with you, easy nutrient delivery, coconut water will also offer electrolyte replenishment along with natural sugars while the foods you are currently taking are great, you could also do some vegetable sticks and fruit pieces and maybe some dried fruit, this should certainly give you plenty of nutritional support.

    What a marvelous things to do!!!

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