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Its been a month of juicing for me and other than thanksgiving i've had nothing but juice. I miss the social aspect of food. Eating with my family, feeding my dog scraps, and just cooking food. I missed cooking so much I made the entire thanksgiving dinner myself. I just feel like, not depressed but, not like myself. I can't even watch tv without there being something about food; its like a scene from a bad show where the character changes the channel and every channel has something on that reminds him of what he just did or should be doing to resolve some conflict. Except for me every channel is someone talking about, eating, making, running from, making out of thin air, or trying to find food. Honestly, if I see one more commercial for a burger I am just going to walk into a place and order 3 of everything off of the dollar menu.

Is there anyone else who went through something like this while juicing? Do I need to seek out professional help? Or maybe just move to a country where they've never heard of a burger? Are they sending people to Mars yet? There aren't any cows on Antarctica right?

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  • juhisaxena

    1 year ago

    I know exactly what you are going through. I am a vegetarian and yet any type food commercial would have me drooling. Its like every waking thought is related to food and I don't even like eating but if I can't have it then that's all I would think about. The only way I found I could deal with the torture/temptations was go out for a walk or run, which for me would kill my appetite rather than make me hungrier. Food Network was/is one of my favorite channels & the holiday cooking shows test my will power to the limit but after some time it got a lot easier. Don't give in to temptation because the road back is a LOT tougher than sticking to the juice.

  • [...]

    1 year ago

    It's nice to know I'm not the only one feeling this way. I find a walk helps curb my appetite to, but I pass 2 pizza places and 5 more fast food spots along my walking route. So I make sure to not have any money in my pocket. lol I figure if I can't buy into the temptation then I can't give into it either.

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  • axelpantelmann

    1 year ago

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