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Posted by Leimomi on 10 months ago

I have had my lap-band since 2009.

Year one, I had no idea what I was suppose to do and what kinds of nutrition that would suit me in losing the weight. Where I live there are no support groups. My taste buds have change where I can use low sodium salt, cannot eat meats, chicken or fish that is dry to so speak, somehow my body goes into a gag reflex, like something caught in the throat so to speak.

In year two and three, my body changed, where I experienced cold, if I went to a gym the window are open, I have a hard time generating body heat. Not to mention generating energy to do the workout that I was so used to in the past. I would lose up to 20 to 30 pounds with the lap-band, but would gain it all back and I cannot figure out why my body is hard to lose the weight.

My lap-band experience has not been a good one, you read how well certain individuals are losing the weight, but a year or two later they gained it all back, just like me. Eat the right foods, low sodium, don't binge on anything. I am use to eating smaller portions. Or I drink protein shakes with my husband.

I am contemplating of removing my lap-band since I have had no positive experiences, I am looking for other lap-band and juicers on what kinds of progress they have made.

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  • Downhereinfl

    9 months ago

    I lost a lot of weight with my lapband, no problems. However, I have autoimmune diseases and when I had it put in, they didn't tell you NOT to have it if you have bottom line is I lost a lot of weight and then ended up as an emergency at the Mayo Clinic to have it removed. Not trying to scare you, it works for a LOT of people and I would think the juicing would be ideal whilst you have it. I wish I had tried something like this program BEFORE I had the surgery, I would have saved myself a lot of hospital time and a lot of money. LOL. Good luck!

  • Leimomi

    9 months ago

    Thank you for the response back, I am glad that you are doing much better. I do plan to have the Lapland removed. Just makes sense and I would feel a lot better. Since being on the Lapland I have had no success in losing the weight and I don't know why. I stuck to my low calories, low sodium salt in my foods, did my workout at the gym. but was not able to lose the weight, but body chills all the time.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Have a great day!


  • Downhereinfl

    9 months ago

    I lost a LOT of weight, that wasn't the problem. The lapband started not liking me, LOL. It was like if you have a foreign object in your body that your body has decided shouldn't be there any longer. The last few days before the surgery I could not eat anything and the last few hours before the surgery I could not drink either. It was really scary. However, that does NOT happen to most people. There is always that 1% or 3% and I was just part of that group. That's just the way it is sometimes. I know for a lot of people they have had no problems and I wouldn't discourage anybody unless they have autoimmune diseases. But, I'm loving the juicing!! Like I said, wish I had done that before the surgery and I would have saved a lot of grief. Take care and good luck.

  • sandra1981

    9 months ago

    Had the lap band around 2008. I would like to say that it saved my life. I had an undiagnosed tumor on my adrenal gland that spiked my blood pressure. It happened on the operating room table while I was getting the lapband, which was the best place for it to happen. I had to come back 2 months later to have the adrenal tumor removed. I lost 40 pounds of the 70 that I wanted to lose. I became a vegetarian, vegan, and settle on meat, chicken, dairy. all trying to find a way to keep it off. I lost 30 more. I still have restriction. I can't eat much food at a sitting. Menopause/ retirement has put 15 pounds on me now. I am doing a juice fast and researching my next move. I am leaning toward no sugar and flour products. My mother had the lap band after me and loves it. I have never had an issue with it. I will still hiccup and if I don't stop get sick. I have always been cold but with menopause I am hot a now and loving that part of it. :) good luck

  • pwullen

    9 months ago

    I had my lap band placed in 2008. I think of it as just another tool to aid me in my weight loss. I lost weight when I got it initially, but then cheated by eating "around the band". Foods like chips go down easily. I was kidding myself telling myself that they were "veggie chips". The simple truth is that I was not eating healthy. I stopped measuring my portions and would eat more than 1 cup of food per meal. I have gone up and down in weight since I got the band. The band is around my stomach, not my head. Sadly, my head is where the problem is! I eat for a variety of reasons, and hunger isn't always on the top of the list. I like the idea of juicing as it complements the band very well. When I am juicing my hunger is satiated. Do I think about eating this or that? Sure, but I need to make a commitment to stay with the program. I find that after a reboot I crave a lot of veggies. My tastes have changed a lot in the last few years.

    I would not remove the band as it is an unnecessary surgery. If you are having issues, maybe remove the fluid in the band until such time as you can try again. I too have autoimmune issues and was not told there was a possible issue with this. As far as support goes, your doctor may have a support group through his office. I would also check out overeaters anonymous, or

    Juicing is perfect for us lapbanders! I am happy to be your support buddy if it will help!

    Good luck, Pat

  • sandra1981

    9 months ago

    True... I think I would have gained my weight back with out the band almost 10 years later. Even with menopause and retirement I am still within 20 pounds of my lowest weight. I still can't eat the quantity I use to eat before the band.

  • Or Maman

    8 months ago

    Important to see your whole health in balance. Keep up the great work.

  • Finlee

    7 months ago

    I had the sleeve surgery. Its true, it does not stop the large amount of slider foods which is why we got into that trouble in the first place! The struggle is real- at first and for a long time you now can eat those foods. You don't make it to your goal weight but. Heck this rocks! Then the weight starts back up- part of me thinks, have I started up the insulin resistance? Is that why it's coming on faster now? Who know! Going to get what your going to get if you eat what you've always ate!

  • Leimomi

    6 months ago

    I am so grateful for the feedback on this, here I thought I was the only one here! I am so grateful I have juicing to fall back on and it has been a long time learning curve here for me. At times I get so frustrated with myself when I am not able to lose the weight. When I first had the lap-band surgery, I was 100 percent on board mentally and emotionally, I knew the risks of having this lap-band, I had read both pros and cons of having the lap-band, at that time the reviews were so limited of any kinds of feedback the real feedback about the weight loss. I had my lap-band back September 2009, Virginia Mason in Seattle.

    I personally had no idea what kinds of experiences I would take on this path, I stayed on a regime of eating portions, but the negative was in the community I live in has no support groups for either gastric bypass or lap-band, which surprised me, and I needed one in order to help me better understand what was happening to my body. It petered out so to speak, within 6 months into my lap band meetings which was only a handful.

    So I was on my own with no support. I just thank my stars that my earlier meetings were useful and helpful in a live group.

    Since then I had been experimenting on menus and I am kind of person who can’t stand sodas, heavy duty sweets or salts of any kinds. My weight with the lap-band a yo you. I did research after research online and I had read stories who had lost the weight through the lap-band. I wanted to find out how they did it, I left messages with no responses. The stories I had read were several years old, not updated.

    So went on for several years of frustration and still not understanding how my lap-band worked. My doctor closest to me was 900 miles, access is by airlines. I live in an isolated area of Alaska, the closest doctors who has knowledge of lap-band and does fills of lap-bands is in Anchorage or in Seattle.

    I have been off and on reboots and what I had come across stories that were updated. I am glad many have lost the weight and I had read that Joe went off and on reboots similar to mine and why he would return back to reboots. But each time returning, I learn a little bit more from my experiences and being on the reboot helps me along in baby steps that I take care of my body, mind and spirit while rebooting.

    So, now I am back and looking at my rebooting in a different light and I look forward to a weight loss in a different frame of mind.

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