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Ladies help!

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Posted by VivaciousV on 1 year ago

I only lost 2lbs the week of my menstrual cycle. Is this normal. So frustrating. I also ft more lethargic and less mental clarity. I almost quit but didn't.

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  • InPinkClover

    1 year ago

    Women can gain anywhere from 1/2 pound to TEN pounds during their cycle, it's mostly water. Frustrating, but don't give up! Know that things will be back to normal pretty quickly. Over time you may notice that there are things that make your cycle better or worse. Pay attention and you may be able to make yourself feel better during these rough times. But know that you are not alone, most of us go through that (I'm 55, have no more periods, yet I still have some of the same symptoms and know when my cycle would be happening, if I still had them).

    You can always check with your doctor to make sure your levels are good (iron, vitamins, etc). Just for piece of mind.

    Good luck, and don't quit! You are doing something for yourself that will make things better in the long run. That "long run" comes around a lot faster than you think!

  • VivaciousV

    1 year ago

    Thank you so much! You are so motivating. I promise not to give up

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