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Kristen's Juice Fast

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Posted by Kristen on 4 years ago

Day 9: Awesome Things: it's now easy to juice. I have a system and I'm no longer starving. It's routine. I got stressed and didn't cave into the wonderful homemade banana nut muffins with choc chips I made for my kids! I'm drinking more water and that helps a lot with hunger and feeling weird ( light headed, woosey).

What I can do better tomorrow? Relax! You're doing it! Relax your cranked up brain! Chill! You got this! Really congratulate myself for going this far! Awesome, stupendous job! Look for ways to nurture, feed yourself that are not food! Nature, playing, smiling, social connections. Praise God, I never knew I had it in me!

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  • Chris

    4 years ago

    Kristen you are doing great job & have the right mental attitude to stretch out your reboot. The mental side of this is so important & our relationship w/ food drastically changes for the better. Put all that extra energy to all kinds of new uses. On day 61 of my reboot & I promise you it is all worth it. Keep up the great work you got this part of the journey down. Keep on juicing on!!

  • Kristen

    4 years ago

    Day 11: ha! Yesterday was day 10 not 9! Cool!

    Thankful for being able to purchase the ridiculous amount of produce to do this. I feel extremely aware of all the food I am consuming/purchasing! Thankful I've gotten this far. Thankful it's been pretty routine. Minus the oh my god I want to eat food right now! Feeling. :) thankful for the support of my husband.

    Pros of juicing so far : improved mood, greatly increased energy and ability to stay awake and sleep well when the time comes. Improved flexibility and decreased pain. I don't feel sick. My skin is clear. My blood pressure is normal!!!

    Awesome: preparing to go on a week long trip. Packing the juicer and already bought a lot of produce. Going to the movies, not eating the popcorn. I'M still juicing!

    I could have done better: pissed about something- made me want to eat so I drank an extra cocnut water... Not sure that is really solving my need there... It's still sorta eating...what do I do with that energy? I want to kick things and yell and stomp. What to do to break cycle of emotion= eat?

  • Kristen

    3 years ago

    I have to update that I went 35 days juicing was pain free, mentally way more stable and clear-headed, and sleeping through every night. Also, I wouldn't get sore. I went skiing two full days and never got sore. I would workout a workout that typically had me sore for a few days- no soreness. Juicing feels better than food. I lost 30lbs. However I was freezing freezing cold the whole time and When coming off the fast I binged like I have never before in my life like a freak out eating that has barely subsided 3 months later and up 10 lbs. ????... I found juicing to be expensive and I'm sort of sick of cleaning that machine. I am doing little to no juicing. Anyone else not really get it after their reboot?

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