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Kiwi First Timer Starting 7 Day Reboot Today 7 December 2013

Group Reboots

Posted by Batch8888 on 5 years ago

Im starting a 7 day reboot today as a trial. This is my first juice fast.

If it goes well then I will probably extend it to 30 or 60 days depending upon my progress.

My 90 day goal is to lose 30kg (88lbs).

Im currently 129kg (284lbs).

My short term goal is to lose 5-9kg (11-20lbs) by Xmas. Thats a wide range as Ive no idea how well juicing will go.

I plan to eat food Christmas Day and Boxing Day with my family and then revert to juicing.

I have a Breville Juicer and have made a few juices leading up to today.

I have also decided to take up two new forms of exercise:

* Tai Chi - something Ive always fancied trying.

* P90X2 - the Tony Horton exercise program.

Im also a fan of Tony Robbins and have done a few of his live events.

It would be cool to find some people who are also starting out around this time who want to hold each other to a higher standard.

Having said all that, anyone is free to join in here.

Best of luck on your own personal journey.

Im off out to comparison shop for vege's!



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Replies To Kiwi First Timer Starting 7 Day Reboot Today 7 December 2013

  • Batch8888

    5 years ago

    My first juice today was a mean green. Kinda liked it.

  • Batch8888

    5 years ago

    Booked in for a wellness checkup next week at the doctors to baseline my bloods. I last did a wellness checkup 18 months ago and since then Ive gained weight, waist size and BMI.

    Why? I did little to no exercise once last summer was over and I like meat, beer and sweet things.

    I also like vege's and fruits, but Ive let the weight add on little by little over the years.

    25 years ago I weight 25-30 kg's less.

    Im determined to reboot and refresh my lifestyle.

  • shoman

    5 years ago

    Hey congrats on making a decision on the reboot. Hope your first day went well. It usually takes a couple of days to get past the tired and dragged out feeling.

    Let us know your short and long term goals. (nevermind, I see them now.) How much you hope to lose. Etc. I'm from the Really need buddies group. Come join us if you like. We are all at different points in our quest for better health.

  • Batch8888

    5 years ago

    Day 3, Im really happy the scales are showing Ive lost a couple of kilos. Not feeling hungry but wanting to eat. Definately feeling tired and had headaches for 2 days on and off.

  • tetruman

    5 years ago

    Congrats on getting started. First 3 days is always the hardest for me, especially first night. After that it incrementally gets easier.

    Keep going!

  • Batch8888

    5 years ago

    thanks for the encouragement... seems like we all find the start of the change hard... not surprising really since we are so used to eating a certain way....

  • shoman

    5 years ago

    Hey hope all is well for you. What kind of juices are you making?

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