Kidney cancer


Posted by Grammy on 1 year ago Hi. I had kidney cancer and a kidney removed in 2008. Kidney function/BUN and creatine are all good. Any restrictions or issues with beginning a juice reboot? Right now I eat almost all non processed foods. We have a large garden and I make my own soups, ketchup, relish, pickles etc. I don't drink wine, beer or soda. Just want to check. thanks.

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  • Zootal

    1 year ago

    You should ask your doctor. Rapid weight loss can put a strain on your kidneys, but not that much if you remain hydrated.

    Cheers to the large garden! 90% of what I eat comes from my garden in summer and fall, I avoid store bought cr*p as much as possible. That, however, doesn't really lessen the load on our kidneys, some of the wonderful veggies we harvest can have high oxylate levels - kale, chard, etc. Juicing large quantities of these can contribute to kidney stones, especially if you have a predisposition to such. Check with your doctor to see if this might be a problem with you.

  • LiveTo120

    4 months ago

    I've heard that when you lose one kidney the other one grows a bit to replace the amount of function but I have not heard anything about there being any restrictions on its function. My brother is just beginning to go through stage 4 kidney disease allopathic treatment and I am hearing some stuff second hand from that situation. All my experience says anything healthy that you do helps your body recover and the kidneys do need support to do all the work they do to detox the body. Wish I could help more!

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