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KETO flu + strict juicing vs juicing and veggie porridge

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Posted by MariaDK on 4 months ago


I'm relatively new at juicing, I'm currently on day four.

I've been experiencing some pretty severe side effects today, including (very) upset stomach, nausea and headaches.I googled a little bit and read somewhere that it's called the 'keto flu'. I'm guessing that since there's a name for it, it's pretty common. But I'd still like to confirm that it's nothing to worry about? Because the article mentioned that it was due to not getting enough nutrients and that worried me a little bit. So in other words, do I just push through it? Will it get better? And when? I'm pretty desperate here, having trouble even keeping water down...

Also, on a different note, what are the pros and cons if I decide to add a daily "meal" (A vegetable porridge) consisting solely of the items one would also juice? I'm fine all day but then get so, so hungry at night, so it would be great to go to bed feeling full. But I'm unsure whether or not that would reverse any benefits from the juicing?

Best regards, Maria

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  • Claire Georgiou - ND

    4 months ago

    Hello MariaDK,

    I hope you are feeling better now! Its important to make sure you are drinking enough water and watching the upset stomach.

    Citrus for some people can irritate their stomachs so if this is the case try reducing the amount and/or switching these up and substituting with alternatives.

    Fruit & Vegetable Substitution List | Reboot With Joe

    Make sure you are drinking a minimum of 64oz of additional fluid in the form of natural vege broth (this helps), coconut water, herbal tea and filtered water.

    You can certainly enjoy a vegetable based meal/soup. The juice only stage offers the fastest results but you will still experience wonderful results by adding in a wholefood meal.

    Upping your juices can also be very helpful! Please let me know if you have anymore questions and let me know how your going!

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